The Lowest Pair

Banjo duo The Lowest Pair. Man on left  wearing a blue hat holding a banjo. Woman on the right in a red shirt holding a banjo. Both people are seated at tables.

If you listen to no other bands or musical outfits in the Americana genre … listen to The Lowest Pair. This duo isn’t interested in merely making music of a moment that’s soon forgotten – these are songs well-lived in that aspire to last long after their writers have shuffled away.”     — No Depression




The Lowest Pair are Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee. They are known for finely articulated songwriting and resonant harmonies, each trading duties between voices, banjos, and guitars. The band’s home base is Olympia, Washington, but they have toured almost constantly since 2014, releasing five albums on Team Love Records, plus each a solo album, with a sixth soon to be released.