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Mega Bog Happy Together PDF


“The Post-Trash 52” | Our Favorite Albums of 2017 (A Mid Year Report)

…”a spaced out wonderland where anything is possible and nothing is certain.”


Gorilla vs. Bear – 2017.5:  Our Favorite Albums + Songs of the Year (So Far) – #9


KEXP Song of the Day “London” by Mega Bog

Birgy’s vocals ooze over the synth as the track continues, creating free form poetry with a jazz-literate backing.


Talkhouse Playlist: Living for the Love of Music with Mega Bog


Pitchfork album review “Happy Together”

Happy Together, bubbles and abstractly teems without ever feeling excessive. Birgy flits through a sound that is both familiar and far-out.

Tiny Mix Tapes album review “Happy Together”

With a cool mastery of the contralto voice once coarsely navigated by Nico and the speak-sing delivery of Laurie Anderson


Noisey premieres “Diznee”

…features just the right amount of saxification…plus nimble guitars and an elastic, unpredictable vocal that truly delights…


Stereogum premieres video for “London”

A jazzy experimental rock track – spacious, warm, and eerie, with brass, guitar, and vocal melodies weaving in the ether.

Gold Flake Paint on “Fwee”

A long anticipated follow up to Mega Bog’s 2013 release Gone Banana this first fleeting glimpse of the curious and captivating magic in store on their second LP [Happy Together].


Pitchfork reviews “Fwee”

In less than two minutes, Mega Bog expresses the joy that can come from being yourself again.


NPR Music Songs We Love: Mega Bog – “Fwee”

“Fwee” makes literal Birgy’s observation that

‘Fweedom is certainly useful / Pouring love in a musical being.’

The song cracks open, allowing backmasked slivers of guitar and wriggling solos to flood out – a new tributary finding its path.


Pitchfork reviews “192014”

“192014” swarms with that cosmic curiosity. Its disembodied saxophones are straight out of the Black Lodge by way of Bowie’s Blackstar, weaving a jaunty path through an inviting yet disquieting haze.

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