NAG Management is a new music management company formed by Nathaniel Krenkel and Gabriel Gonzalez. The operation will represent the singer-songwriter Conor Oberst and will include his bands Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, and The Mystic Valley Band. 

Krenkel and Gonzalez both worked with Oberst for the last decade.  Krenkel, who originally signed Oberst to Sony/ATV Music Publishing,  has been Conor’s long-standing manager since 2003, while Gonzalez served as Conor’s day-to-day and tour manager from the mid-2000s.

The new company will be based in the Village of New Paltz, located north of New York City in the Hudson Valley.  Autumn Seguin, from Team Love Records, will also be joining the management team.

For more information, please email info@nag-management.com.